Youth Engineering + Science Re-brand

Youth Engineering + Science (YES) is a non-profit organization in the Philadelphia area. They partner with schools, camps and youth groups to introduce children to the STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. YES brings hands-on, engaging programs into the neighborhoods of traditionally underserved youth. The challenge was to create an identity design and system that reflects their fun, engaging approach to STEM education. The identity needed to convey their approach, but also be accessible to the children that they serve.

Visually and emotionally, the YES identity needs to convey the “magic moments” that happen when a child is fully engaged in a learning experience. These moments lead to long-lasting impressions and enhance the quality of the education. The identity also needed to appear as intelligent and fun. Integrating “doodle” elements related to STEM fields pushed the depth and “magic” of this brand. The spirited fonts, including hand-drawn typography, and the cheerful colour palette compliment the ethos of the organization.

Identity, Web, Packaging

Art Direction:
Alice Drueding